February 24, 2012

Food Trucks vs. Restaurants: A Green Smack-Down

In just three hours, Alyssa and Adrian Tangerine’s 16-foot kitchen can pump out enough meals for over 225 people. “We’re a two-man show,” says co-owner Alyssa Tangerine. “Together we do all the cooking, serving, and marketing.”

For a business that’s been operating for less than six months, the numbers might seem incredible. But that’s because their restaurant, the Toronto-based Toasted Tangerine is part of a new wave of mobile eateries—food trucks. 

It’s a trend that’s focused on gourmet meals but also—and perhaps counter-intuitively—on environmental sustainability. “A food truck uses way less energy than a brick-and-mortar restaurant does,” explains Tangerine.

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