"Jessica's a fantastic freelancer: reliable, flexible and always on point. She brings creativity and dedication to every topic she writes about, and above all is always professional." - Max Fawcett, Editor, Venture Publishing

"Jessica has a knack for making my assignment letters come to life! She is flexible and has no problems taking on any range of assignments, even those with shorter turnarounds." - Kristina Urquhart, Editor, Applied Arts Magazine

"Jessica is an extremely professional writer, and a pleasure to work with. I've been consistently impressed with Jessica's ability to produce very high quality work on a tight deadline. Her writing style is readable and captivating, and requires little editing." - Tannis Hett, Publisher, Verge Magazine

"Jessica is a huge pleasure to work with. Every assignment she turns in is polished, on time, and exactly what I've asked for—she makes my job easy. With her thorough research skills and strong attention to detail, Jessica is capable of becoming an expert in almost any subject matter, from wildlife to DIY projects and everything in between." - Jenna Wootton, Associate Editor, CottageLife.com 

"Jessica is one of the easiest writers I've collaborated with. I was consistently impressed by her ability to follow detailed instructions while providing comprehensive, well-researched and polished editorial work. It is refreshing to encounter an individual with such an amazing work ethic." - Meenu Deol, Editor, Our Green Home

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